Best Chicken Hot Dog Recipe

Chicken Hot Dog Recipe

If you are searching for Chicken Hot Dog Recipe then you are at the right place. In this post, we are telling both the ingredients of the recipe and how to make it, which you will definitely like.

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Chicken hot dog recipe ingredients

Hot dog buns 4 Pieces
Chicken sausages 4 Pieces
Oil 2 tablespoons
Lettuce, shredded
Medium onions, chopped  1 Piece
Tomato ketchup 4 tablespoons
English mustard paste 2 teaspoons
Jalapeño chilli, chopped 1 Piece

Video chicken hot dog

How to make chicken hot dog

  • Heat a Tawa and a frying pan.
  • Cut the hot dog buns without cutting them and lightly toast them on the pan.
  • Heat oil in a pan; Add sausage and fry until golden.
  • Put a little lettuce in each hot dog bun.
  • Add sausage and top with onions, tomato ketchup, mustard sauce, and jalapeno peppers.
  • serve immediately, eat enjoy.

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In this post, we learned how to make Chicken Hot Dog, I hope it will be very interesting for you. In the coming post, we will learn to create something new

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