Easy Sweet Corn Crab Soup Recipe

Easy Sweet Corn Crab Soup Recipe is a quick and simple sweet corn and crab soup recipe. This recipe will feed you and your family for a meal because it’s made with ingredients you probably have in your pantry. The Easy Sweet Corn and Crab Soup Recipe is a great way to enjoy sweet corn and crab soup! This Easy Sweet Corn and Crab Soup Recipe are the BEST! It’s quick, easy, and only requires four ingredients! Try this easy sweet and corn crab soup recipe and make your family happy.

Easy Sweet Corn Crab Soup Recipe Ingredients

Cups of creamed sweet corn 3
Cup cooked crab meat 1
Cups chicken stock 3
Tablespoon corn flour salt to taste 1
Tablespoons sugar 2
Teaspoon white pepper powder 1/2
Stalks of spring onion greens, chopped 3-4
Salt  To taste


Sweet Corn Crab Soup Recipe Method

  • First of all clean the whole material thoroughly. 
  • Bring sweet corn and chicken stock to a boil in a pot.
  • Add 1/4 cup of water to 1 tsp corn flour, mix it well and keep stirring continuously till the soup gets cooked and thickens.
  • Mix in the crabmeat, sugar, salt, and white pepper powder, and bring the soup to a boil again. Your soup is ready.
  • Serve hot and garnish with green leaves of that onion.

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